What is the importance of a pizza stone? More than meets the eye. A pizza stone is an essential kitchen tool that you should never be without. It’s been used for centuries and serves as the perfect complement to your oven, allowing it to cook pizzas evenly with an authentic brick-oven style taste and crispy crust. Although it appears straightforward, you can do many little things to achieve the best results when cooking with a pizza stone.

Five Important Things to Know About Pizza Stones:

1. Pizza stones heat up quickly.

The best pizza stones are made of high-quality ceramic and retain heat very well. These things allow them to climb up in temperature quickly so that when the dough is placed on it, it will cook evenly. If the stone is cold, you can expect to add 10-15 minutes of cooking time before you get a good crust on your pizza. This can become a hassle as you need to keep an eye on the pizza while it cooks, adjusting the time and temperature as needed until you get a good crust. This will not be a problem if your stone has pre-heated properly. 

2. Be careful not to crack or dent the stone.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to lay the pizza stone on a flat surface such as a counter and then place your uncooked pizza on top. After about 30 minutes, pressure will build up and cause the pot to crack as it cools. This can make it challenging to cook the pizza for long stretches of time. Instead, you should place a slab of parchment paper between your stone and pot if you want even heat distribution before you begin to cook. For this moisture-proof paper to work, though, you need an oven thermometer with a probe that will fit through your vent hole with your stone.

3. Know the width of your pizza stone

It doesn’t take long for these things to heat up, but you need to be aware of their size as well. You may have grown used to cooking with a 12-inch pot, only to realize that when you buy a pizza stone, it’s going to be about 15% smaller. This is because of the thickness of the material and that you need at least 2 inches between your top rack and bottom rack so that excess heat can escape before it causes your food to burn or dry out.

4. Pizza stones can be placed almost anywhere in your oven.

The good news is, the pizza stone can be placed anywhere in your oven. The only place you should avoid is directly underneath or above the heating elements. Be careful with this, though. Some pizza stone sets come with a metal frame beneath the stone to catch any dripping juices and grease. You should never place this directly on the heating element, as it will cause it to break and stop working. You should also not put it far away from the heating element as it needs to distribute heat evenly through your oven, or else you’ll end up with an undercooked crust and raw toppings at the center of your pizza after 20- 30 minutes of cooking time.

5. The best pizza stones are made of high-quality ceramic.

This is the type of material you should look for when buying a pizza stone. We are talking about strong, durable, and heat-resistant products that will stand up to the high temperatures of your oven. If you use the wrong size or the wrong material, you’ll end up with a pizza stone that is too hot or too cold, which could make it crack. You should be able to find this type of pizza stone through an established kitchen supply store or online for around $25-$35 (depending on size).

Pros and Cons of Using Pizza Stones:

Pros of Using Pizza Stones:

• One of the most authentic ways to cook pizza is because it uses the same materials as a traditional brick oven.

• Creates an authentic brick-oven style taste and crispy crust.

• Cooks pizza evenly with the right size and material.

Cons of Using Pizza Stones:

• Takes up more room than most oven trays, which means you might not be able to fit your entire batch or have room for other foods that need to be cooked simultaneously.

• You might need an extra pair of hands to get the pizza on and off the stone.

• Takes a little longer to cook since you’re not using a baking stone.

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Pizza stones are important additions to any kitchen. They allow you to make authentic and unique pizzas, and it is well worth the expense and effort to invest in them. Just keep the above five things in mind when you plan on using it so that you can enjoy the best possible results from your pizza stone. You will be sure to impress friends, family, and coworkers with your pizza-making skills!


Q. Is it true that the cooking process with a pizza stone also protects the authenticity of my oven? 
A. Yes, this is true. When baking pizza on a pizza stone, you’re creating an authentic-style brick oven effect. The heat travels to the bottom when using a pot, and the food eventually burns or overcooks. This never happens when using a kettle-style pot because of its design. 

Q. Can I use aluminum pots if I want to cook with my pizza stone? 
A. Aluminum is excellent for heating and cooling, so you should be able to use it without any issues at all. You just need to make sure you don’t leave the stone and the pot on your oven for too long, or else it will heat up and cause the aluminum to warp. You should also never place an aluminum pot directly under the heating element as it can cause it to stop working.

Q. Can I use pizza stones for other things besides cooking pizza? 
A. Yes, you can also cook sandwiches, steaks, and fish in a pizza stone easily. Just make sure you choose a big stone to accommodate these things if you want them cooked evenly over an extended period.