A pizza stone is a type of bread baking oven. This is a round and flat stone that you can place in your oven to bake pizza, cookies, pieces of bread, and more! A pizza stone has many benefits that make it an ideal kitchen item. In this article, we will explore the advantages of using a pizza stone as well as show you how to use one properly.

Working of a Pizza Stone:

A pizza stone is made of a heat-resistant material such as stone, clay, or ceramic. It has a porous nature that absorbs heat from the oven and stores it until the pizza is ready to be placed on it. As the stone absorbs oil from the pizza, it prevents your pizza from sticking to the stone. This allows you to use only a thin layer of dough to maintain your pizza’s crispiness.

The porous nature also allows the stone to absorb moisture from the dough, which it then releases back into the oven for extra heat. In this manner, it can be used to regulate the temperature and humidity within your oven.

How Are Pizza Stones Used?

There is no rocket science used to use a pizza stone. To provide you ease, we are providing a step-wise guide on how to use a pizza stone?

Step 1: Place the non-heated pizza stone inside the oven before turning it on. 

Step2: Set the oven to 500 F and let the pizza stone become heated. 

Step 3: As soon as the pizza stone is heated, place the Uncooked Pizza Dough on it. 

Step 4: Let the pizza bake until you see that cheese starts getting brown. 

Step 5: Once the pizza has your desired texture, turn off the oven. 

Step 6: Let the pizza stone cool before cleaning. 

The Right Way to Clean the Pizza Stone!

You can clean your pizza stone with ease by using the right method. The non-stick surface of the stone makes it easy to clean, so you need not worry about using harsh detergents to remove the stain. The pizza stone also retains heat, so it does not become a breeding ground for bacteria like other materials.

How often should you clean?

You should clean your pizza stone once in a while to not build up food debris on the surface. It is easy to clean under running water, so that you can do it in the kitchen sink.

Importance of Cleaning?

By cleaning your pizza stone, you prevent the build-up of bacteria that can ruin its non-stick properties. Also, cleaning prevents your pizza from sticking to the surface when you place it back in the oven. A clean stone helps you bake a crispier and better-tasting pizza next time round.

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In this article, we explored the different uses and benefits of a pizza stone. We showed you how to use a pizza stone and explained its importance as well. So, next time when you need a pizza, don’t forget to use your pizza stone.


Q: Does a pizza stone make a difference?
A: Pizza stone really makes a difference if we compare it to other pans used to make pizzas. If we talk about pizza stone compared to a baking sheet made of metal, we will find out that pizza stone is efficient enough to retain the heat evenly. Due to the pores available on the surface of the pizza stone, it allows the dough’s moisture to evaporate more easily. And by doing so, it provides you with a crispy crust. 

Q: Should I oil my pizza stone?
A: The concept of oiling pizza stone to make the crust crispy is completely wrong. Yes, You heard it right! The answer to this question is a big NO. A pizza stone is typically a ceramic surface consist of pores. It is nothing like the cast iron pizza stones, which need to be applied with oil to make pizzas. So keep in mind that you should not apply any oil or water to a pizza stone.

Q: Does pizza stonework with a convection oven?
A: Yes, a pizza stone works with the convection oven. The heat from the pizza stone is evenly distributed throughout the pan, and that’s how you get an excellent crust every time.